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Initial consultation to determine the goals you'd like to reach through the site. This consultation is provided to you free of charge. We will work with you to coordinate your site design with existing marketing material or design an entirely new approach.

Database Application Development
Our database solutions range from modest to large with the flexibility to create software, networked multi-user programs, enterprise-level client/server applications or anything in between.

Site Development
Our site development services include site architecture, organizing and editing strong and useful content for your site and web programming and scripting. We will present your material in a clear and concise manner creating a site that is easy to navigate and quick to load without sacrificing quality.

If you plan to sell items online, we provide shopping cart solutions. If you will be taking credit card numbers online, we will set up your order form on a secure server to protect the privacy of your visitors.

Site Hosting and Maintenance
We will set up or transfer your domain name, providing you with a 1st tier connection to the internet and email addresses@yourdomain.com. We can also set up a statistical hit analysis program which will let you know who your site reaches -- information that helps you refine your marketing efforts.

There are many variables that determine the costs involved in developing your project including how comprehensive a site you will require, whether or not you will need an e-commerce solution, and whether or not you require original logo development or already have artwork, graphics, a logo, and copy. Please contact us for further information about how we can help you.

Word-of-mouth advertising by satisfied customers is our most effective and appreciated source of new business. Please feel free to contact any of the clients listed in our portfolio and ask them about Simplymad Design Studio's services and personal support.